Render Farm for Maya – How to use ?

July 21, 2020
July 21, 2020 hangvtt

Designers need to add the color, material, texture, and lightning to object before doing the rendering of any object. Maya offers tools to allow photorealistic imagery and animated visual effects based upon animated 3D scenes can be rendered efficiently. Rendering images made with Maya looks like a real-time image. That means you can visualize and final render a single image, part of an animation (multiple frames), or an entire animation in Maya. Rendering includes a large number of complex calculations which may make your computer busy for a long time. In fact, rendering pulls data together from every sub-system within Maya and interprets its own data relevant to tessellation, texture mapping, shading, clipping, and lighting. The higher quality images typically take more time to render. Sometimes, 3D artists have to reduce the quality images in as little time as possible in order to meet production deadlines. In other words, rendering a quality complex Maya scene or a large number of frames takes so much time on your workstation. 

A good solution at that time is a render farm. There are a lot of professional, cheap render farms for Maya in the world, and iRender is one among those. iRender provides the simplest and most user-friendly cloud GPU servers for rental with Gpuhub service. The service is not only easy to use but also very sturdy, besides the remote render farm can handle even the toughest rendering tasks with the most powerful GPU and CPU infrastructure.

By using remote render farm, the user will take full control of your own render farm with 11, 51, 101, and more nodes running simultaneously and you will use AWS Thinkbox Deadline – the best render farm management software to monitor your own render farm. After creating an account on website, you will be provided with a .rdp (Remote Desktop Connection) file with the information to connect directly to your Master Node (the server that controls your Render Farm). Working on a Master node is similar to your own machine. You can contact us and provide the software, plugins with detailed version, our support team will help to check or install them on our nodes (the computers in render farm) in advance to ensure the same working environment as on your PC. 

We provide an outstanding tool called GPUHub_Sync to transfer files from your own PC to our remote servers at full bandwidth speed, and your files will appear in the storage Z of the remote server. You can upload you data even when the remote server is turned off and it will automatically sync your data to the remote machine as well, which saves your time and money for transfering files.

You can connect to your Master Node (the server that controls your Render Farm) at any time. All of your nodes are always ready at your disposal. You have full control in distributing, tracking the progress and results of your work on each node.

By offering the flexible payment methods and plans, iRender brings the users the most reliable and trustworthy service. The usage time is calculated from the start of using the service until it is shut down, and then the invoice is sent to the registered email. 

Need more information about our service or Remote render farm service? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always available 24/7 to support you and answer your inquiries.



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