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we listed all frequently asked questions regarding our render farm in our FAQ.

What is iRender Cloud?

iRender Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS) which allows you to submit and render scenes with render cloud. You can concentrate on designing and creating your scene, and iRender Cloud will take care of installing and maintaining everything necessary to render scenes, without hogging your hardware and software. It is available for all 3D platforms. iRender Cloud supports and renders scenes using both the CPU and the GPU engines.

Rendering in iRender Cloud is pretty simple and straightforward. All that is required is to have the iRender Cloud Client application installed, after which you can submit jobs to iRender Cloud. Once in the cloud, you are able to monitor the progress of your currently submitted jobs, queue up subsequent jobs, as well as change job settings and resubmit jobs …

What softwares are supported by iRender

Please see Supported Software page for further infomation.

What is render farm / render cloud / cloud rendering ?

A render farm is a high performance computer system, consisting of many powerful hardware components, which provides a user with a lot of computing power to realize 3D projects. The focus of the service is on high quality and extremely fast rendering.

A render cloud is a commercial render farm. As the word “cloud” came into fashion for internet service providers, the expression “render cloud” became very popular as well. The words “Render Farm”, “Render Service”, “Cloud Rendering” and “Render Cloud” are synonyms for the same offer – an online rendering service.

why do i have negative iRender Points?

If you run out of iRender Points during the rendering process, we pause your job but let all active PCs finish the frame they are currently rendering. It doesn’t make sense to stop an image rendering on the render farm which is nearly completed. Once you buy new iRenderPoints and your balance is not negative anymore, you are able to download your images.

Imagine the very worst case: your image is 99% finished and your iRenderPoints run out. If we stop rendering immediately you lose your render, all iRenderPoints and a lot of time! That’s why we carry on rendering and you might get negative iRenderPoints.

As soon as you make a payment to get to at least 0 iRenderPoints, you will be able to download your rendered frames.

What type of render jobs are supported by iRender Cloud?

iRender Cloud supports rendering still images and animations.

How do I start a render job?

To start a render job, submit a scene through the iRender client app. If there are free resources in the cloud, iRender Cloud will start rendering your job. If there are no free resources, your job will join a queue and will start rendering automatically when resources become available.

What image types will I get as an output by rendering in iRender Cloud?

The output image types you will be able to download by rendering in iRender Cloud are JPG and the file type you have specified in your scene’s settings. These settings are customized in the 3D application you use for designing your scene. If you don’t specify anything in the 3D application, iRender Cloud will generate an EXR image beside the JPG.

How can I update the iRender Cloud client app?

When a new version of the Chaos Cloud client app is available, a notification appears. Click on it and update the client app.

Will you notify me when my job is completed?

Yes. By default, our notification service will send you an email if your job status changes from one of the active states to one of the two final states: “Completed” or “Failed”.

How secure is iRender Cloud?

All communication between the user and our services is encrypted, so your data is safe. Files and other data that go into iRender Cloud are attributed to the user who submitted them, making accidental sharing impossible.

Will you notify me when my job is completed?

Yes. By default, our notification service will send you an email if your job status changes from one of the active states to one of the two final states: “Completed” or “Failed”.

Using iRender

How to register for an account at Irender?

  • Access the website,
  • Download Irender desktop app and then sign up an account for free.

What is a core hour ?

If one CPU of 1 core render for 1 hour, that equals 1 core hour at our render farm.

How to render on iRender’s farm?

Step 1: Register to create a new account and activate it to get started with 100 free credits.

Step 2: App free downloaded: you can download the application free.

IRender supports all major 3D software applications and render plugins. You can check a detailed list here.

Step 3: Submit your project:

Sign in with your account and upload your project to IRender desktop app. IRender Cloud automatically uploads exactly what it needs to render.

Step 4: Managing your render jobs:

With a clear interface, you’re able to monitor your cloud rendering jobs. You can start, pause, edit (assets & settings) and cancel all jobs at any time.

Our convenient design allows you to easily manage and control your jobs easily.

Step 5: automatic download

Download the results with just one click. Each completed frame will automatically be downloaded to the folder chosen by you in advance.

For detail, please check out the quick start guide page.

What do the tabs & numbers on the taskbar mean?

From left to right, they refer to the status frames as rendering, completed, error and the number of jobs in each tab.

  • The rendering tab refers to the rendering. Generally, you may click the job name to see the detailed job and edit if needed. Refresh it for each retry.
  • The completed tab contains finished jobs. Click to download & see the results in the output path chosen by you in advance.
  • Error tab refers to the failed jobs. Normally, you may right click the tasks to retry the failed frame for 3-5 times. Please contact the customer service if it still fails.

Downloading the iRender Client Tools

Visit and click to download the desktop client

Description of login page

  1. Open Irender app by double click or right click, then open the icon “Irender – Happy rendering” with logo   to open the desktop app.
  2. Account

The client supports language English.

Register for an account and login the app to start rendering.

Adjust Setting & Upload job

Simply press “Add task” then select correct file type (.max, sketchup, blender….) from a project path (Note: this project path contains all the materials used for the Max file) to create a job.

Adjust the settings corresponding to the file and click “Submit” to start uploading.

Here are some tips for users:

  • Job name: change the job name to control all your jobs well.
  • Output folder: choose a place to save outputs.
  • Warning: corresponding prompt will appear in case of any error or warning thereof.

Press the button “pause” or “cancel” during the uploading process to make changes in settings if you want.

Payments & Invoices

What exactly are iRender Points (iRP) ?

Our iRenderFarm currency to render online is called iRenderPoints (1 iRenderPoint = $ 1 ). Remaining iRenderPoints can be used for future jobs, as iRenderPoints never expire.

How do I pay for the render?

You can pay via VISA CARD, CREDITS CARD, Paypal or by direct transfer to the card. Also we can work through a contract with legal entities and non-cash payment by bank transfer.

Where is my invoice ?

By default, iRender generates invoices 1 days after the last payment to the render farm. Additionally, once an invoice is generated, it will be sent to you via e-mail.

Would I be eligible for any forms of refunds?

We regret to inform that in normal circumstances, we will neither refund on any of the packages nor any unused credits outstanding from your rendering jobs.

Hence, do remember to check your files before sending it across for the final render. We also do not offer refunds for errors such as and not limited to the undermentioned.

  • Incorrect settings or resolution that were predetermined by the customers
  • Underestimating the render time
  • Not monitoring the render job
  • Missing textures
  • Wrong frames, camera or layers selected

However, in the case that the failure is attributed to our rendering system, we will make the necessary credit adjustments.

What should I do to clarify any doubts I have about my rendering costs?

You can always contact our online support team to help. Please send us a support ticket with the number of points you have just bought and the last 4 digits of your credit card or Paypal account.

iRender Support:

Hotline: +(84)962-868-890
Skype name: iRender Support
Email: [email protected]

Technical Issues

Why are there black spots on my render output image?

If your job has dark spots where you expect to have objects, it might be because you are trying to render a scene with plugins which are not supported by iRender. Don’t worry, our technicians can help you.

iRender Support:

Let’s talk about your project .
Hotline: +(84)962-868-890
Skype name: iRender Support
Email: [email protected]

Why is my render output image black?

If your image is black, it might be you are using a camera directed in a position opposite your scene.

My job status is staying at ( Preparing ), and will not start rendering. Why is this?

It may take up to three minutes to setup and start a rendering machine. If it fails, the job state will change to “Failed” and we will notify you.

If one frame from my animation job fails, will the whole animation job fail?

If more than 5% of the animation frames fail, the whole animation job will be stopped and considered as failed. If the number of frames is too small, than at least two frames have to fail to fail the whole job. You will still be able to download the output generated up until the fail of the animation job.

Can I resubmit a job which I have already rendered in iRender Cloud?

Yes, you can re-submit a job with the Edit option, which is located in your List Job tab.

Why does exporting a scene take so long?

If you are re-submitting an animation scene that has a change in a character or geometry, the whole export process of a scene is done again. This process might take up to tens of hours depending on the complexity and number of frames in the animation.

Some scenes that are rich in geometry or some long animations could also take long during the exporting process. Note that the exporting process and the rendering in iRender Cloud are two different things and you are not charged with credits during the export.

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